Role of Women in The Balkans War

Balkans Women's Pages
List of women anti-war groups in the Balkans, and their support network in the U.S., plus a display of artwork by Three Women In Black.

Network of East-West Women
A New York based aid network of women from the Eastern Europe and the U.S. and their newsgroup

Women for Women in Bosnia
A group based in the Washington DC area working to aid refugees from the war in Bosnia. Women for Women Kosova Project. New!

The Rape of Bosnia
Systematic Rape in Bosnia . One of the problems about allegations of systematic rape in Bosnia is why? None of the explanations quite add up. Ethnic cleansing doesn't need rape - a gun and threats suffice. A film about rape, war and women opened the International Human Rights Watch Film Festival in New York City on June 25, it is featured at Toronto International Film Festival on September 5 and it is scheduled for Berlin Film Festival in February 1997. In October 1996 Amnesty International is bringing film's two main protagonists on a tour around th U.S.

Northstar Life Services
Kolo Newsletter. Psychological counseling and on-line psychotherapy for domestic abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder. Therapy may include a weekend with Serbian Kolo dance! Hosted by Danica Anderson.

Welcome to UN Radio at IRN !
UN Radio via IRRS-Shortwave . Go back to IRN Home Page . Send your comments and ideas . Read what other listeners wrote on IRN . 4th World Conference on Women (Beijing, China) . Opening Ceremony Sept. 4, 1995 [07:40]

Demystifying Nationalism: Dubravka Ugresic and the Situation of the Writer in (Ex-) Yugoslavia . by . Tatjana Pavlovic . Romance Languages Deparment . University of Washington . . Postmodern Culture v.5 n.3

Not Far Enough - Summer 1993
A PUBLICATION OF THE DSA FEMINIST COMMISSION . The Struggle for Public Funding of Abortion: Reproductive Freedom for Whom? . by Cindy Deitch.
Women, State, the former Yugoslavia
A bibliography of slected journals and links on issues concerning: (anti)nationalism, violence (public %26 private), human/women's rights, gender, culture, peace, war, politics... Its purpose is to help those doing research and/or are interested in these issues, while increasing the process and awarness of reconciliation and/or understanding. Check there for more writings on women's issues in former Yugoslavia.

City of Women

An international festival of contemporary arts, focusing on women's creativity in the nineties as expressed in the performing arts, the fine arts, literature, film and video. With this project we want to shake the stereotypical role of women and improve the status of women in the field of the arts.

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